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Its pure kismet we are together.

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I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain


My chef de cuisine, who cooked me scrumptious vongole :)

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Meet fluffz. She is 1 month old and wears little white mittens on her tinytune paws and has an alicorn-esque patch on her forehead, oh and i luvvvvvv her :) I'd upload a video of her tackling that tennis ball, but ... i don't know how. Technologically inadequate, pah. Thx juuuu .. U DA TAO KAY :D (i need to refrain myself from getting influenced by jerome's hokkien uhhhhh)

Me and my alarm clock have zero infinity. Albeit my over excessive fiestas, i still can't seem to rid the black swells under me eyez. Oh me pie, sleep ruins me! We had a little chinesey reunion dinz the other night, .. we sat in a round table! I got to play with lissywissys little bow tie dress, it was tres cute! She looked like a little present, ready to have herself air-flown to ronaldo in portugal. Lubblian!<3 Hearing stories from their studies abroad makes it extremely tempting to consider the possibility of myself moving to an unknown country. The price to pay would be living without my dear parents to shower me with xxtra TLC .. that could be slighty dreadful. And of course all the nitty grittys of making new friends and bah .. i'm all too stoic for meeting new people. I. dont. like. new. environments. they. make. me. break. out. in. beads. of sweat. and. pass. out. in. an. epileptic. seizure. Me no likey. But it all sounds so beautiful and surreal, they hang out in courtyards. We just have a canteen thronged with people and are constantly placed under a prejudiced eye. H8 being judged.



To look forward to our days,
delighted to hear your says.
A thousand more kisses,
building up misses.

My pulchritudinous lover,
I'll never go to another.


I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. 
I'm so tired, i need my sleep. I make no bones about it, i need eight hours a day and at least ten a night, god help me.


So there you are on the moon, reading The World in 2008 on disposable digital paper and waiting for the videophone to ring. But no rush, because you’re going to live for ever—and if you don’t, there’s a backed-up copy of your brain for downloading to your clone. As 2007 rushes to a closure .. i'm unhopeful of what 2008 will bring. What with the horrid education system the government has imposed to torment all 18 yr olds and deprive and destroy all of the wondrous chimeras of childhood with the a levels. Oh the tragedy.

In retrospect it's been a good time, a great time. I just can't wait for 2008 to whiz past so i can start enjoying life after. Cross my fingers that all will go smoothly and may everyone have a very very blessed new year :)

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Off to shiya's house to countdown in true bubbly fashion! Peace owt.

I think it's so awesome that we hv little swimmy reunions every half a year and manage to hv such a peachy time together hanging out, catching up, and doing insanely immature things as if we were still adolescent 12 year olds. Oh well, time flies and reminiscing about the hectic past life of a swimmer is as sweet as it gets. Gone were the days where we spent innumerous hours chlorinating ourselves till our hairs were bleached dry, yet all i remember are the slightest innuendos of the swimming culture which just managed to take it from plain old boring extra-curricular activity to an unbelievably incredible chapter in my life. Mwamwa love my friends who are now all as fair as SnowWhite.

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Awesome possumzzz. Week has also been kept busy with waynes bbq and math camp!!! Oh and the part-time day job at the learning lab which is basically quite hilarious since i spend my time collecting students scripts and cutting stickers. Ha. It's really funny, kids now have names like Do Hee and Lewee and Clarizza. Oh well. I likey liked the colourful marshymellowzzz at waynes hse! And we played poker and i lost $$, i was queen loser. I tried faking, nat claims my poker face is beyond hopeless since my cards sucked so bad. Then since we ended up being the biggest losers we camwhored, and competed to see who could look the ugliest. 

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TMR IS LAST DAY OF ECONZ CRASH COURSE. Giggles giggles squirms squirms. Nat won't hv to put up wif my incessant whining of "im tiiiiiiired" and we'll finally stop making a fool out of ourselves answering questions stupidly in class. I'm just glad we graduated and didn't get booted out of the course, econz gurus we shall be!! Hahah. We had math camp today, equipped with a cow bell which we rang whenever we stumbled onto a difficult math problem (almost always) and the ever-so-patient math captain noez would rush over to help. It was REALLY FUNNY noez was the .. queen cow? LOVUUU NOEZ *STUFFS FACE IN ARMPIT* HAHAH and we were all masked-bandits-wannabe using the most dangerous weapon ever, a potato-pellet-gun, shooting each other. MathcampzzzS02 on thurss, need 2222 study!

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. How do i sever this clinging unsettled feeeling?

Fixed blog, ugly no more. Headache, time to hit the sack.