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What better way than to celebrate my fifth soporific afternoon without my one&onliiii, than to flounder on my bed all day and indulge in the quote magical quote tales of eragon. After i got to the end of eragon i raced to video ezy to get the bloody movie, but i should've known bloody better and read Rotten Tomatoes first! Bah humbug. My. Life. Is. So. Boring. Eragon the movie really sucked. Unequivocally, my life has been pauperized to living off measly inconsiderable text msgs. Okay zhen, foul-mouthed me takes back what i said about dear technology, it has afterall saved my pathetic sloth-liked butt from rotting away. I NEED FRIENDS ZHEN. PERIOD. CAN WE STUDY. YOU BETTER NOTICE THIS BIG BANNER DECLARING MY DESPERATION FOR A SOCIAL LIFE. TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE SUSHI, ANYTHING!!

Ok, so well pardon me for this lackadaiscal attempt in updating, no pictures, BORING! Oh oh but i'm sure some of milo would suffice for a pleasant little eyecandy!


Fangirl moment over. Kbai. 

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The City feels clean this time of night.

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Hanging out, down the street, the same old thing, we did last week. 

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Here we go agaaaaaain! Karoke with the usual bunch where we unleashed our inner teenage hormonal popstar and all screamo-ed to T.A.T.U.'s (all the rage) and the ever so cheesy and well deserved bsb/nsync. Priior to that we had delish dinz at Shillaaaawon, people hated us there cos we made them wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Wev, i still <3 kimchiiiiii. Went to yang's house to watch dvds, Fracture. Gnia got tricked (twin's style) that it was a stupid movie about some woman fracturing her leg -.- but it turned out to be quite a k33wLxxx movie although Ryan Gosling didn't look fantastic, still love the Notebook. Giggles. Ew ew ew and i stared a dead fish in its eye that night, morbid much. They were all trying to save the fishes cos they were dying from lack of oxygen, they all looked half-drunk ... 

Oui! Jelomey and i have been on a little taxi spree. French movies rulzzzz. French sounds so crass but at the same time i'm intrigued by their facile tongue, plus the french always seem so purblind to the sarcasm and and bitter irony of everything. Je t'aime! 

Quote of the day, Dwight from the office, "We're like one of those classic famous teams, he's like Mozart, and I'm like ... Mozart's friend"


The long awaited period of freedom has finally arrived, that took a long long long long time. We have a month to play and to put it as nicely as Bitch did, "See you at next year's orientation ame!" Die. Bitch. Die. Nothing much to be thankful for since we've still got to slog for pw and chinese, Mei Kai Yan Xiao no more. Rarrrrrr. So promos were really .. tiring. No elaboration needed, its over i probably slept three-quarters of my day away on saturday cos i mean, what else can i do now that i don't have to integrate/differentiate/permutate/mathematically induce stuff? 

Watched the theater show on that public star JBJ thing, was witty and the humour was so politically-orientated, half the time i just give mel a dumbfounded gaze, i mean, we didn't even know who was .. JBJ >< but overall it was quite original and funny i guess. Dinz with jelome, movie with jelome, many many happy sappy wappy times with jelome. CocoPops munchy donuts were soft and unappetizing but the rest were gr8!

I want to do a lot of things since promos are over, but now i'm just going to crawl back into that deep dark hole i emerged from, my bed :) Goodbye.


You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.

People never notice anything.