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Meet fluffz. She is 1 month old and wears little white mittens on her tinytune paws and has an alicorn-esque patch on her forehead, oh and i luvvvvvv her :) I'd upload a video of her tackling that tennis ball, but ... i don't know how. Technologically inadequate, pah. Thx juuuu .. U DA TAO KAY :D (i need to refrain myself from getting influenced by jerome's hokkien uhhhhh)

Me and my alarm clock have zero infinity. Albeit my over excessive fiestas, i still can't seem to rid the black swells under me eyez. Oh me pie, sleep ruins me! We had a little chinesey reunion dinz the other night, .. we sat in a round table! I got to play with lissywissys little bow tie dress, it was tres cute! She looked like a little present, ready to have herself air-flown to ronaldo in portugal. Lubblian!<3 Hearing stories from their studies abroad makes it extremely tempting to consider the possibility of myself moving to an unknown country. The price to pay would be living without my dear parents to shower me with xxtra TLC .. that could be slighty dreadful. And of course all the nitty grittys of making new friends and bah .. i'm all too stoic for meeting new people. I. dont. like. new. environments. they. make. me. break. out. in. beads. of sweat. and. pass. out. in. an. epileptic. seizure. Me no likey. But it all sounds so beautiful and surreal, they hang out in courtyards. We just have a canteen thronged with people and are constantly placed under a prejudiced eye. H8 being judged.

yes she died at the end.