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Its pure kismet we are together.

Noez the party spoiler didn't deserve a photo. I kid i kid. Still love u and ur smartness noez.

(the new add-ons on photobucket tempted me to edit the photos ><)

I hate my camera/the lighting which makes every photo look practically disgustingzzz. So apart from the lack of surprise-ness that the party possessed, i was still a happy sappy kid. 18 is pretty much over-rated and i doubt this ripe old age will be a memorable one(in terms of fun merry making events) - considering the fact that everyones a level results are feeereaking me owt and studying suxxx. So what's it like being 18? You move out of your parental orbit by around 12. At 16, your head begins to clear. And 18 is just noisy with novelty, and swirling with menace and difficulty. You get older, and nothing changes.

So the good times rolled at fatz place. We all unleashed the inner wannabe rockstars, and Dani California was on repeat. We all could tell who had the better psychomotor skills. And then we had dancerobix in the basement where g could hv easily been mistaken for a niggz owing to her very ghetto dance moves. "You can dance you can jive having the time of your life". AHHA. Then zhen tried fitting in with her "I believe i can fly" piano solo. The contrast. Poker - where i conclude i suck at gambling. Hot meelo. Bedtime.
are you using the polaroid autofocus660?or the polaroid sun series?
i use the polaroid spectra? BUT THEY'VE STOPPED PRODUCTION FOR FILM :'(